Monday, October 17, 2011

Bong of The Dead |Action | Comedy | Horror2011 |DVDRIP |MKV |400MB

Mark and Thomas
Bong of The Dead |Action | Comedy | Horror2011 |DVDRIP |MKV |400MB

Bong of the Dead DVD RIP MKV 2011

If you're here to acquire a DVD rip of Bong of the Dead-- keep on reading. As "Blog of the Living Dead" will rise quickly to the top of the Google Search-- you're probably here for nefarious reasons.

In fact, I'd like to let you know that you are trying to pirate/watch for FREE a movie that the filmmaker used every last dollar he owned and two years of his life to create (note the copyright Date on the above photo.  Yeah, it's been that long and that much work).

Before you look elsewhere for this torrent, please read some of the following articles:

Bong of the Dead - Vancouver Premiere
Bong of Dead - Exclusives Including Interview
Bong of the Dead - More Exclusives - BOTD2 (Bong of the Dead 2)
Bong of the Dead - By Alex Browne
Blog of the Dead Review
and inevitably:
Bong of the Dead Blog

Yeah-- alot of people have pumped alot of hard work into this film (in some cases -- like Thomas Newman, the director and creator-- YEARS)!

If you can read all of the above articles, and still download this movie--
you are a poorer person for it.

I'll leave the last word to Thomas:

"All I ask of anyone who is about to go watch Bong Of The Dead for FREE to please make sure you at least leave a comment about it that will let the world know its worth watching. Also when it comes out on DVD I would really appreciate it if you could still buy a copy of it just to support the nobody little guy who has put so much of his life into this one film. At the end of the day you will do as you wish and I cant stop you. I hope you enjoy my film for free just don’t forget to help support me so I can go on and make more films for you. Who knows. I may make my film and upload it myself before someone else rips it off! Until then I’m going back to my shit jobs just to earn a living!



  1. I feel for you. Creativity is not given all that it'sit's worth. Guess what people-- it is all there is!

  2. We have had rash of "this movie was done on this really low budget" movies as of late and the problem is most come off as just that - a bad movie with no budget. Selling a bad movie that way doesn't make the movie any better. With that comes the $5000 zombie movie Bong of the Dead by Thomas Newman. When I watch a zombie movie I expect a few simple things - good zombies, plausible storyline, and great zombie deaths. Anyone can shoot a zombie in the head but it's the movies that take the time to be creative in this niche that stand out. Couple that with a good story and you'll get my attention. Most low-budget movies might hit one of those expectations but rarely all. Bong of the Dead hit them all and shucks the recent trend of low budget=poor movie. consulta online medico online pediatra online medico online doctor online dermatologo online veterinario online veterinario online psychologist online consulta online abogado online abogado online abogado online abogado online abogado online psicologo online doctor online psicologo online abogado online abogado online It's clear that Thomas Newman put thousands of hours into his creation. It just doesn't come off as a $5000 movie. With the special effects wonder-kid Mike Fields goring up the movie and Newman's directing the movie left me feeling entertained.