Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011!

The Toronto Zombie Walk is around the corner.  Getting dead can take a bit of practice and work, if you really want to nail it.

With this in mind, I give you the official "Toronto Zombie Walk" site.

This year, yours truly is joining the The "After Dark Film Festival" , and the Zombie Walk.  Following the walk, an awesome movie-fest will occur at the "Underground Cinema" on Spadina Street, just around the corner from the end-point of the "walk."  There will be photographic proof of the undead...  Join us there!!   I will be video taping the best of the best, and will post these on Blog of the Living Dead!

I have been to the "Underground Cinema".  There is a spiral staircase that drills itself into the earth, just outside the ticket booth... where they've indicated that Washrooms are available.  I ventured down there a few months ago.  I did not find a bathroom, and after 10-15 minutes of walking deeper and deeper into the earth, I stopped.  I looked over the railings and saw that the stairs continued down as far as I could see.  I only went a few more levels, then stopped, and decided that my bladder could wait, and I climbed back up.  I have been unable to get anyone to join me down to the bottom of this stairwell (true story).

Maybe, this Halloween, I can convince someone to join me in finding what's at the bottom.

The Zombie-Walk official site can be found here:

The site gives you the where and when that is necessary, but it also includes makeup tips, secret paths etc. etc...

I am thinking this may be the most awesome walk ever!  The Toronto Zombie Walk actually has some history.

From Wikipedia:

The first zombie gathering run as a non-promotional event and billed as a "Zombie Walk" was held in October 2003, in Toronto, Ontario. It was organized by local horror movie fan, Thea Munster, and had only six participants. In subsequent years the Toronto Zombie Walk grew tremendously in size. One of the first participants in the Toronto Zombie Walk, Heather McDermid, moved to Vancouver, B.C. and spread the zombie walk tradition to that city. On August 27, 2005 over 400 participants proceeded through Vancouver's Pacific Centre Mall, travelled on the SkyTrain (referred to for the event as the "SkyBrain" or the "BrainTrain") and continued 35 blocks to Mountain View Cemetery.

The 2007 Toronto Zombie Walk drew a crowd of over 1,100 zombies, a number confirmed by Toronto Police Services.[12] At the time, this was the largest zombie walk on record.

I think the objective this year is to kick the hell out of that record!!!
Just drag yourself into the mob.  Dragging is good.


  1. The Zombie Walk is really great. Ny girlfriend and I had so much fun last year.

  2. awesome zombie stuff xD Love this blog