Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dead are Walking Union Station!!! The Return of "THE WALKING DEAD" is UPON US!!!

The waiting is over!  The Rerturn of "THE WALKING DEAD" is UPON US!!!

The Dead are Walking Union Station!!!

The daily commute crowd were faced with a new obstacle this week.  No-- not dipping temperatures and a whole lot of snow!  A chain-gang of the undead greeted commuters with photo-ops and T-Shirts to promote AMC's show "The Walking Dead," and its return to the television lineup this Sunday night!

AMC is celebrating the return of its hottest show, "The Walking Dead" in Toronto with a campaign to catch commuters off guard as they, themselves  shamble to and from their abodes of employment.  Each day, counting down to Feb. 10th, a finger fell off one of the giant disembodied hands in Union Station, and piled up below.

Tweet a photo of yourself with the giant disembodied fingers and hands to #TWDFeb10 for a chance to win one of those giant fingers!!!



  1. Hilarious and awesome!

  2. Gimme the finger!

  3. Great promotion. Can hardly wait for the show to comeback!!!!

  4. Were the walkers just there on Wednesday, or will they be there the rest of the week?

  5. They were giving away T-Shirts on Wednesday, but they are still there (for photo ops to win the fingers)-- they'll be there until Sunday Feb 10. I hope they bring them something to eat, because they're shackled to cinder blocks right now. They'll be getting pretty ornery right about now, I figure.

  6. ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!