Wednesday, June 12, 2013

See Through a Zombie's Eyes in "V/H/S/2 (2013)"

The sequel to the first-person horror anthology V/H/S is just out on VOD.  There is nothing really new under the sun when it comes to first person point-of-view (POV) movies.  We’ve been there, seen that (Blair Witch, Cloverfield, even Romero’s Diary of the Dead).  I did enjoy the first V/H/S outing, mostly because of its quirky little bite-sized horror snippets, all with a healthy heaping of twisted.

The premise of the movie is simple.  A cache of VHS video tapes (remember them) is discovered, all of which house all manner of horror and depravity, and all seen from the point of view of a hand-held video camera.

This time around is not a whole lot different.  But this time around, one of the stories unfolds like this:
Mountain biker dude shirks his boyfriend duties to zip through the woods on his wheels only to encounter a throng of zombies.

Why this is awesome:
He is wearing a helmet-cam.  And, of course, he gets infected.  What follows is a unique perspective of what it would be like to become a zombie!  There’s projectile vomiting.  There’s crazy running.  And there is, of course flesh eating.  All from the POV of his helmet-cam.

Oh, and there’s a little girl’s birthday party.

Everything is not great in V/H/S/2.  But this sequence is a must see for you lovers of the undead.  Disgusting, funny and poignant.

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  1. yeah the zombie bit was the only one I enjoyed at all. Overall I thought the first V/H/S was WAY better, this one was kinda menh